Q: As a tenant, do I owe any fees to a leasing broker? A: No. Tenants should always consult a commercial leasing broker as the broker is most often paid by the landlord following a successful lease execution.

Q: How long does the process normally take? A: It varies. Short, simple leases can take as little as a week, while long, complicated leases can take up to six months or longer.

Q: Will my credit be checked? A: Yes. Most landlords will check your credit and rental history.

Q: Will any funds be due at signing? A: Typically your first months rent and a security deposit equal to your first months rent will be due.

Q: How many spaces should I look at? A: It depends upon your specific needs, but tenants view an average of four to five spaces prior to signing a lease.

Q: How long of a lease is typical? A: Leases are typically one, three, five or ten years in length.

Q: When should I begin looking for a space? A: It depends upon your specific needs, but usually a minimum of three to six months prior to your current lease expiration or timeline for occupying the space.

Q: Do I need any insurance? A: Yes. Typically a general tenant liability policy is required under the terms of the lease.

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